Our Mission

The Blessing Board is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization existing to provide donated household furnishings to those in need at no cost in response to what God has done for us.


The Blessing Board is a volunteer-based, Christian, non-profit organization. At the Blessing Board, 95% of all jobs done are done by a volunteer. Our most appreciated resource is the people who serve with us. Continue reading “VOLUNTEERING”


Families in financial need can call to make an appointment to attend a Day of Blessing where they receive a Gospel message, lots of love, and furniture for their homes. While The Blessing Board can not promise to supply everything a family needs, we promise to do our best to serve you. Continue reading “DAY OF BLESSING”

Love. Relationships. Serving Others.

While COVID-19 has brought monumental changes, there are some things that haven’t changed – the things that matter most. Love. Relationships. Serving others. This is what The Blessing Board is about.  

Like everyone else, we are adjusting. And like every other nonprofit, we need your help.

May is going to be an exciting month! It is The Blessing Board’s 10 Year Anniversary and we will be sharing videos and stories and reflecting on relationships. We are kicking the month off with #GivingTuesdayNow – May 5th. You can help by making a direct donation at TBB C-19 Response on this day. Give Big Pittsburgh is launching May 5th and runs through May 31st. You can help us reach our $25,000 goal by donating at any time during the month of May. Finally, we are having a TBB Virtual Event on May 30th! Details coming soon!

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and learn more about what The Blessing Board does to serve those in need and how you can become involved – virtually or in person masked and gloved.We need you to participate by sharing these posts to your family, friends and community, so others can learn more about Furnishing Homes with Love. 

Every financial gift, every furniture donation, every shared post, and every loving prayer makes a difference. We invite you to be part of The Blessing Board!

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