So, What’s Your Story?

Just got home from Mckeesport Day of Blessing! Nine families out of twelve scheduled received furniture today. It was cold but the sun was bright and cast a warmth on our faces. The warmth gave me a quick pause to smile and reflect on the task at hand. “Love your God with all you heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself”.
I tried to put myself in our families shoes, wondering what they are thinking, feeling? What struggles do they face? Are they nervous? Suspicious? I hear the stories; the stories are real and tough, but I haven’t lived them. The chill in the air snaps me out of my thoughts; need to prepare to greet.
I met a young lady with 3 small children, she came with her dad. It was busy! I was called on to help carry and load trucks. She had just finished her shopping and was now preparing to leave and I asked the QUESTION! What is your story?
She lost her husband to cancer in the last six months, she has three small children and she just moved to Clairton. The family was going to move here to seek treatment for her husband’s cancer, but he didn’t make it. He wanted her to move anyway because she would be closer to her dad.
She called our number in January and hadn’t heard from us. Losing hope for two months, she sat down on her floor crying, wondering what to do. Pleading with God for help and answers desperate for anything she prayed, “Lord, please help, I need help what should I do?” She paused wiping a tear, she said, “ I heard God say, call again.”
With in a few minutes of her call to The Blessing Board, she got a call back and had an appointment that Saturday. TODAY! Not a big selfie guy but I had to get that picture.
I’m not unique. There are dozens of volunteers that get to hear these stories and be touched by these families; I am like all the volunteers blessed by the enormity of grace and compassion that our Lord Jesus has to share with us.
The Lord has given this ministry a great gift of furniture, but it’s not about the furniture. It’s about the task at hand!
So, what’s your story?
Originally posted April, 1 2018

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