Saving the Planet

Got called out the other day to help with a pickup. Most of the people that I talk to don’t want me to do that, but every once in a while I like to show that the “old man” can still move some furniture.

The pickup wasn’t hard but there was a lot of stuff. An elderly woman, recently deceased had been a resident in the care home for quite some time and had collected a lot. A service team had been hired to clean out the rooms because there was only one relative, a cousin in Texas, and the cousin was not interested in her belongings.

“If you are not taking it, it will be thrown away!” That was the charge from the service team. We filled up over three quarters of the truck with her belongings. When we got in the truck, I reflected on the fact that most if not all of the “stuff” we just loaded into the truck would have ended up in a landfill had we not taken it.

That is no joke! Just think if God had not created The Blessing Board, all of that “stuff” would now be beneath the tracks of a very large dozer in Monroeville. This is just one pick up. One of the largely overlooked benefits of what The Blessing Board offers is the planet friendly efforts to repurpose the furniture and household items that would be very conveniently thrown away.

I smile in knowing that God always has a plan of working it out and all we have to do is be faithful, available and teachable. Singing praises to a God who never disappoints in teaching me how He is moving in my life.

The next time I watch a family shop for their furniture, I will have a new reflection on how something useful could have been easily discarded, but for God. Jesus who saves through this wonderful gift of furniture at The Blessing Board.

Rich Garland
Executive Director

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