Purging, Exercising and the Oakmont Bakery

Friday morning I was walking into The Blessing Board and I noticed several women carrying boxes into bay three. I walked through the Vintage Market, dropped my computer and camera bags, and headed over to see what was going on. What I discovered was purging, exercising and the Oakmont Bakery.

The women in these pictures are all from Norwin Christian Church in North Huntingdon. In addition to belonging to the same church, these women all exercise together. The idea to donate started when one of the women remodeled her kitchen. She wanted to donate her old stove to The Blessing Board. Through conversation, exercising and fellowship (and the promise of a trip to the Oakmont Bakery), one stove turned into a truck and three vans full of household items –  all of which are needed for the families who come to TBB for help.

While Ken and Dalton were filling the carts, I got a chance chat with these women. They come to TBB because they, “…love to give somewhere we know the items will be used and not go to waste.” They also said they were excited to come back because a couple of women from their group were unable to make the trip this time. Friday’s trip was, “… mostly about kitchen stuff; the next area for purging is linens.” It was great to meet these ladies and to tell them how grateful we are for their thoughtfulness and generosity; how grateful our families will be to receive the items they need. They were all smiles, “We got our workout in loading and unloading this stuff…now we’re heading to the bakery!”

Thank you, ladies!

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