It Takes a Village

You may have heard this expression before in another context, but it rings true at The Blessing Board as well. It absolutely takes “a village” to make the ministry of The Blessing Board work. The official definition of “village” is a human settlement or community where people live. The volunteers of The Blessing Board make up a type of village or community as well. Like the community where you live, our volunteers are from all walks of life, ages, backgrounds, skill sets and interests, all serving in his or her own way. Each person who volunteers at The Blessing Board is valuable and essential in order for us to accomplish our mission.


As the volunteer coordinator, I have the benefit of meeting all of our volunteers in person and getting to know many of them more deeply as they spend time here. I am in constant awe of their dedication and heart for serving. Many of our volunteers use this opportunity as a way to act out their faith, to meet new people and to use their skills and abilities for a greater good.


There is Pankaj, who because of his interest in electronics, spends several hours each week testing the televisions that are donated, so when each family sits on their new couch and turns the TV on; it works. There is Evie, with skills in home decorating, who organizes the artwork and pictures that are donated, so that every family can choose that perfect picture for their walls. Jimmy, who previously had a career in retail sales, who serves by working in our warehouse showroom assisting the families when they receive a mattress and bed frame. Also, Linda, who has a passion for outreach. She grills hot dogs while standing outside in the cold weather every Monday night in McKeesport, welcoming people to The Blessing Board.


What skills and talents do you have that you can share with us? You don’t have to commit to any set number of hours per week or month to volunteer with us. You can serve as little or as often as you like according to what fits your schedule. We welcome everyone to experience our mission and to be a part of what the Lord is doing at The Blessing Board. We invite you to join our “village”.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, please contact me. I would love to talk to you. I can be reached via telephone at 412-828-3725 or via email

Hope to see you soon!

Katie Harley – Volunteer Coordinator

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