The Blessing Board

Raise: $5,520 Goals: $8,000

Fundraising Campaign For The “Young Ones” Can Give Back

To reach as much possible orphanages before Christmas To raise enough money before Christmas in order to start rapping the Christmas giftsTo raise the set…

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Raise: $2,700 Goals: $14,000

Minivan Build Match, Double Your Gift, Double Your Fund

Contribute to October's Minivan Build in Pahrump, and toward another build in 2020. An anonymous donor will match your gift, dollar for dollar. Together, are…

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Raise: $6,300 Goals: $10,000

Mountain Bikes Campaign For NWA Children’s Shelter

The Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter (NWACS) is a private, non-profit organization that provides 24-hour residential, emergency triage care for children throughout Arkansas.

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Raise: $8,520 Goals: $8,000

Youth In Action Against Poverty

We the People nurtures the leaders of tomorrow by cultivating civic engagement and an appreciation for our diversity!

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Raise: $10,320 Goals: $12,000

Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Youth

I'm raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my…

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Raise: $3,850 Goals: $14,000

Hospice of Medina Lifes Treasures Thrift Shop Storage Needed

Existing storage must be segregated from retail space and shelving erected. This will better utilize space and efficiency of volenteer efforts and ultimatly increase monies…

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Raise: $2,475 Goals: $7,000

A Meaningful Campaign for A Greater Reach for uptown

Please help us expand our services to reach our diverse communities and persons of all abilities with programs to educate, inspire and entertain in our…

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Raise: $9,120 Goals: $7,500

Krista’s Moutain Climb Funding For A Learning Cause

Help me raise money for the underprivileged children of Nepal. Together we can make a change in the lives of children who are victims of…

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Raise: $4,080 Goals: $7,500

Empower the kids of Ghana By Volunteering Causes

By giving the kids access to better resources to supplement their pursuit of education we are literally empowering them into securing the best possible futures…

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