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The Blessing Board offers many different opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved.  You can serve during a Day of Blessing, sort donations in our home goods area, help in the warehouse, donate your gently used furniture, organize a towel drive within your business or school, support us financially through donations, sponsorships and partnerships, or shop at the Vintage Market.

Explore the possibilities below.

YOU can make a difference!

Get Involved


Financial Support

Your financial contributions greatly impact and improve the quality of life, self esteem, and chance of success for those who are in need. Your donations help us improve and grow our mission to rebuild lives of people in need.

The Blessing Board operates today solely upon donations from individuals, businesses, churches, groups and foundations. The Strategic Development Team works diligently to communicate the Vision and Mission of the Blessing Board and invites all individuals, groups churches and businesses to prayerfully consider financially partnering with The Blessing Board to serve the most vulnerable in our communities.

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Volunteer at The Blessing Board

There are many ways to serve at The Blessing Board.  Click on the link below to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

The Vintage Market

Help support The Blessing Board by shopping at The Vintage Market!
100% of the proceeds go back into the ministry.

Shop & Help

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