It all starts with a changed heart. We spend a lifetime, our lifetime trying to feed a heart that wants what it wants. Some people often offer the advice, “you have to follow your heart”. Sometimes that advice is good and sometimes it leads us into difficult times and often regrets come with it.

Everyone, yes everyone has a heart that desires to love and be loved and to have a sense of worth. There are no exceptions to this. Everyone has this desire, and everyone tries to figure out what will fill that need. We look to relationships, money, career, alcohol, drugs, and anything that will try to quench that need. Everything that we look to is temporary, it will go away. It is temporary.

Until your heart changes, you will look to the world to fill that desire. How does it change? It changes when the Lord, Jesus comes into your heart and claims it. He claims it and shows you that you are loved, and you can love deeply and the worth that you seek is in Him and Him alone. The world waves it hands at the notion but those who have experienced the changed heart, change what they do. They want to love those who the world says are unlovable. They want to serve and love those who are struggling and weak and in need.

The Blessing Board is filled with people who have a changed heart. The people who serve know they are broken and without our Lord Jesus Christ, we are nothing.

The Hearts Campaign is a bold statement by those who choose to commit to it: that their heart has been changed. This statement supports the ministry in a very real way. Contributing $500 a year allows The Blessing Board to fill a home with household furnishings for a family in need.

Your donation of $500 each year takes a child off the floor and into a bed. It brings dignity to a family that is trying hard to make it in a world that tells them that they aren’t good enough. It shows them they are loved.

Will you commit to a Heart? Will you provide the furnishings for an entire family each year?

To become a Heart Campaign Donor, follow the directions below:

  • Click on Heart Campaign Donor
  • Choose $500.00
  • Choose Recurring Donation
  • Under Frequency, choose Annually
  • Under Campaign, choose “Add a “heart” to our home.”
  • Continue completing the rest of the form.